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Why Sell on Bid2Buy ?

Bid2buy is an online marketplace which provides one stop destination to sell the products either through bidding or through direct buy. At Bid2buy, our vision is to create an open marketplace where buyer are also aware from the brand they purchase product from.

We have a separate Bid and Buy section for customers. In the bid section, users can bid on the product for the time set by the Seller. The minimum amount is set by the seller. The highest bidder in the given time frame will get the product. In the buy section, users can directly buy the product at the given price and can also buy in Bulk.

Get your own E-Showroom

Get it picked from your store

Connect with your buyer

Payout in 15 days

Optimize your store using SEO for better visibility

Bidding Section for your unique products

What is an E-Showroom ?

We create an E-showrooms for each seller wherein a page is dedicated to one seller to display all their products. With this, seller can do SEO of their store as the E-Showroom will have his dedicated URL, which the seller can use for sharing on different platforms. E-Showroom helps the brand to create trust and create their online presence as well as boost their offline sales.

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Policies & Charges

No commission to be charged on products sold till 31st March 2019

Listing Policy

Privacy Policy

Terms & Conditions

Shipping charges
Within-city Regional (Single Connection &<500Kms) Metro-Metro (ZONE C) Rest of India (ZONE D) North East, HP,J&K, Port Blair
(Zone-A) (Zone-B) N1 N2 N1 N2 (Zone-E)
Upto 500 gms 35 40 43 45 46 48 52
Every additional 500 gms (upto 3kgs) 25 30 34 36 37 39 43
Every Additional Slab (1 Kgs) 25 30 34 36 37 39 43
RTO (every 1 kgs) 25 30 34 36 37 39 43
DTO (500gms) 50 60 63 65 67 70 85
DTO (Add 500gm) 36 45 51 54 56 58 62
Tax As per GST
Fuel Surcharge (FSC) NO Fuel Surcharge
Zone Definition
Zone A Local within city pickup and delivery
Zone B Origin to destination within 500kms
National – 1 (Metro to Metro) Origin to destination between 501 – 1400 kms (Metro to metro only)
National – 2 (Metro – Metro) Origin to destination between 1401 – 2500 kms (Metro to metro only)
National – 1 (Metro to Others / Others – Others) Origin to destination between 501 – 1400 kms  (Metro – Others / Others – Others)
National – 2 (Metro – Others / Others – Others) Origin to destination between 1401 – 2500 kms  (Metro – Others / Others – Others)
Special Zones NE, J&K and Origin to destination > 2500 kms
Easebuzz – Payment Gateway Razorpay – Payment Gateway
Payment Modes Charges Payment Modes Charges
Debit card 1.50% Debit card 2.00%
Net Banking 2.00% Net Banking 2.00%
Credit Card 2.00% Credit Card(Visa/Master) 2.00%
Wallets 2.40% Wallets 2.00%
Cash on Delivery
Rs. 50 or 2% of Product Bill Value, whichever is higher

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